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67-68 Header Panel - Needs work-150.00-SOLD
68 - 69 Cable Push in 150-MPH Speedometer - $250.00
67 Back-up Lights - $150.00 Pair
67-69 Doors Rust Free - $100.00
67-69 Vacuum Gauge - $75.00
67-68 Hoods - $170.00
67-69 Notchback or Convertible Trunk Lid - $300.00; Fastback - $250.00
67-69 Inner Wheel Wells - $150.00 Pair
67-69 4-1/2" Bolt Pattern Rally Wheels with Trim - Set of 4 - $350.00
67 Rear Fastback and Notchback 1/4 Panel - $550.00
67-69 Headlight Doors - $50.00
67-69 Front Splash Pane-needs workl - $150.00
67-69 8-3/4 Rear End Assembly - $950.00
67-69 9-1/4 Rear End Assembly - $950.00
67-69 Floor Boards - $250.00 Per Floor Section
67-69 Trunk Floor - $250.00
67-69 Side Glass - 75.00
67-Fastback trim - 25.00 to 75.00
67 Dash almost Complete - 450.00
67-69 Fastback Rear Glass - 250.00
Have many other parts not listed.
OBO for above parts or trade for NOS parts for 68 Barracuda Convertible.
World Wide Shipping
Sonora CA 95370-(USA)





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Wish I had the cash to get another '67 Barracuda. I had a white fastback and they have such beautiful lines.

Agree ! Although I'm partial to the triple black package with the S Formula and classic cragars look. My brother used to have one and I loved that car. I would clean it for him once a week for free plus he let me take it to my prom. Ah,,, good times..


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Nice car Dave-Love them Cragers

Yeah thanks, it's not mine I pulled it from the web but it's identical to the one my brother used to have. May even be the same car (don't see a S emblem though so I doubt it is).

Just my opinion but this is one car I can truly say I like it in the hard top and not the drop top.... but then again I'm biased in my thinking due to the memories.

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