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Stuck Spare Tire Lock - Model "A" Ford

Guest M R Simpers

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Guest M R Simpers

I recently purchased a 1928 Model "A", and it has a rear spare with a security strap type tire lock. Turning the key should release the "locking block."

I cannot get this locking mechanism off. The key turns to the right 90 degrees. Doing that it is supposed to internally move a locking tab from under the bottom lug nut - - so they say...

I have pumped it full of penetrating oil - - no luck yet, just a mess.....

I drilled a small hole near the top of the housing, taped up the lock hole, and pumped more penetrating oil in through the new drilled hole - - same oil mess....

I have been tapping on all sides that I can reach with a hardwood block and a small hammer - - I know what a woodpecker feels like.....

Should the key turn more than 90 degrees; i.e., half way around?

This is one of those repro items that came out 20 to 30 years ago.

Any thoughts? No 20 pound sledge hammer jokes please.


M.R. Simpers

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can you send a photo? recently had some trouble with side mount spare locks on a 29 Chrysler. Locksmith - a personal friend - says WD40 as the tumblers often become gummed with dirt, pen oils, etc.

Best Luck,


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Are you sure you have the right key? The ignition key and the key to that lock would not be the same. Other than that advice, If soaking it in solvent has not worked, I would recommend that you drive it to a local locksmith. A locksmith is more likely to get it open without totally destroying it. Good luck.

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