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Wanted 36-39 Lincoln Zephyr parts.

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Wanted 36-39 Lincoln Zephyr parts.

What have you got?

Looking for 1937, grill, headlight lenses, headlight bezels.

I'm sure I need more parts, but I can't think of them off hand.

Please let me know what you have from this year range.

1938-39 rear fenders would be nice.

Thank you.

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Some stuff I need, some stuff would be nice to have, some stuff I can live without.

Would like:

37 Head light lenses

37 Headlight bezels

37 Grill

38-39 Rear fenders

38-39 Rear fender skirts

Coupe Trunk

Hood hinges (pair)

Trunk Hinges (Only really need 1)

2dr coupe roof clip or fiberglass copy off of yours if you're willing. Just need a cast or thin skin. No need for a elaborate mold.

Would be nice to have:

Head Light ornament topper

Hood ornament

Grill side vents

Trunk latch handle

Grill Cloisonne (aka badge) teardrop shape

Spedo gauge trim ring

Vertical Center console that goes below clock and spedo


Set of Hubcaps (Lincoln Zephyr)

V12 engine


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