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32 Pontiac Sport Coupe / Fresh Find

Guest ev57

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32 Pontiac Sport Coupe / Fresh Find<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<!-- google_ad_section_start -->Hello

Have the oppurtunity to purchase this vehicle:

32 Pontiac Sport Coupe: No rumble seat / rear trunk & spare mount / Low miles / 1 Owner family since New / All documentation since purchase / 6 cyl / old tires, but hold air / Last ran 3 years ago / supposedly never hit or repaired / original paint / original interior / stored indoors on wooden floor it's whole life / Nothing broken or missing / has resided in same garage since 1932

Since this was the cheaper model (no rumble seat, cowl lights, dual horns, side mts, etc), would this be considered a Rarer car than most coupes out there ?

Can anyone guide me to a maximum value that an all original car like this should command ?

I have an appt to view this vehicle shortly.

Many thanks,

Erik<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<FIELDSET class=postcontent><LEGEND>paperclip.png Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND>160277d1351221663t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060037.jpg 160276d1351221646t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060036.jpg 160275d1351221573t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060035.jpg 160278d1351221679t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060038.jpg 160279d1351221692t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060039.jpg

160280d1351221709t-32-pontiac-sport-coupe-fresh-find-pb060040.jpg </FIELDSET>

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What a great find! The patina of this original car is priceless and it will be a bigger hit than a restored one anyplace you take it.

I agree with clare30, redo what is necessary to make it a safe & funtional driver. Save the cost of a $40,000 restoration of this 80 year

old car, because it will be less fun when done and worth less than the restoration costs.

Last year I looked at a 32 Pontiac 4 door sedan in similar condition, but missing the front seat, running but with the wrong engine. Price was $5000, which seemed fair if I really wanted it, which I didn't. Remember the early GM cars are full of wood (Termite Food) and can be expensive to restore body integrity. I think the one you found could be worth a couple grand more as is and double that if running and drivable.

Remember the price command is an agreement between a willing buyer and a motivated seller. If you really want it and understand that, this hobby derives a lot of it's value from the enjoyment these vehicles provide the owner, just buy it. If you are buying it to "make money", you may be disappointed in all that's involved with old cars.

Just one old collector's opinion.

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Since this was the cheaper model (no rumble seat, cowl lights, dual horns, side mts, etc), would this be considered a Rarer car than most coupes out there ?

Very cool find.

Once again, rarity does not equal value. Given the escalating values of more popular collector cars these days, may sellers are attempting to inflate the value of unpopular models by pointing out "rarity". Some things are rare for a reason, like the Pontiac Aztek. An item is only worth what a buyer will pay.

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Great find - love the looks of these cars. Question: if there is no rumble seat, what is in that void, a trunk? Wouldn't the spare be in the way to access a trunk? Thanks for helping me learn!


Typical business coupe configuration with the trunk and rear spare. Yes...the spare tire DOES get in the way. I find it VERY interesting that they offered a rear window that lowers on the business coupe. Those were usually only available on the rumble seat coupe on most makes.

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Yes, I agree. I am always drawn to the well patina / aged original cars. Last saw this car 3 years ago, & will do so again tomorrow.

With a vehicle like this, 1 family ownership, sentimental value is always high.


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Have already been told that a firm offer of 25 exists. I was called due to the fact that I purchased a 37 DB 5 Sedan, 3 years back from same seller.

Both of these cars Never left the block, after they were purchased locally...

They would like me to keep it the same way, side by side..


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Without seeing the car in the light of day I would have a hard time with the 25k. I remember a 34 Pontiac Business Coupe with the 8 engine in nice/decent shape that was available for about 25k. Personally the 34 was more attractive and the 8 trumps the 6 most days of the week.

Perhaps I'm not up to speed on 32 Pontiacs and they are worth more than I realize. Or perhaps the seller is confusing his Pontiac with a 32 Ford. Either way very nice car and I'm sure it will find a new home with someone.

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That is a great car and to do it justice I would restore it. As a 402 model it's not as rare as it's 302 brother with Pontiac's first V-8 .....Still very desirable especially for a early Pontiac fan. Missed out on two a few years back, both sixes one at 30+ K and the other at 28 K. The one at 30 K had the golf bag compartment. Your so lucky!

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I see your point about the trunk restriction. Are you aware of many trunk / coupes like this?


I own two 1931 Dodge Brothers business coupes. Same configuration as the Pontiac except for the roll down rear window. Most companies offered that configuration.



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25K does seem a bit rich by 5 to 10 thousand.

If you go for it, have them throw in the garage too - then relocate the garage, and tell everyone the car has spent its entire life in the same garage. It doesn't look like it would take much to move a garage that size.

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The price at $25,000 is a little high, for sure. But, if you know the car and like it, and it functions reasonably well - who's to say it might not be worth it to you? You'll never have a chance to buy another one like it - you might have to go to $26,000 or more to get it, but if you let it get away, you may regret it from now on. It's not a car you'll ever make money on, but that is not why you buy a car like this.

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Have committed to purchase this vehicle for 19,500.

Wish to thank all of you for your valued perspective..

Inspected the car on Sat, spending a few hrs there.

Garage had not been opened since I was last there, 3 years prior.

For 80 years old, It really is a Nice car...

Started at the trunk & worked myself around each body panel, bumper to bumper.

Opened the doors last.

Only slight bruises on pass side fenders.

Running boards rock solid, with typical slight surface rust on non oiled surfaces.

Paint condition is patterned somewhat to the way aluminum pits.

76k miles.

Looks like head was removed a long time ago.

Wires & cap are probably 40 years old.

Very little fuel in tank, no rust.

Car ran briefly , as it could not draw fuel due to the level & incline of car.

The interior is beautiful, with a few sew repairs to seat bottom , headliner is immaculate.

Soft top has typical crazing.

Original floor mat stamped Body By Fisher, as well as oval tag on pass door.

All windows function, all lights work.

Was last on road in 2006, as per inspection.

Everything closes & latches as it should.

All panels, boltings, fender weltings, door gaps, radiator grill, etc, are flawless, with no signs of removal or repair.

Everything straight as it should be..

Original radiator cap was in house & now on car.

All brightwork is intact & nice.

Clutch pedal good, brakes work, oil good, needs coolant topped off.

Chassis , mechanicals, & all points well oiled & lubed.

Original laced wraps intact on leafs.

Aside from paint neglect , this is a very solid surviving vehicle..




















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In spite of my earlier price speculation, I think you did fine. It's rare that they look better on the second look

like this one did as evidenced by your photo's. Enjoy it.

Once I looked a car in a barn via flashlight and turned it down. My wife took a couple flash pictures that when

developed caused me to change my mind. You did just fine by going back and doing a close inspection as a prudent

buyer should. I hope you enjoy it as original and get a HPOF certification before you ruin it by restoration.

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Thanks Guys,

It's comforting to know that you did well, when somewhat out of your field.

The line of provenance from Great grandfather down the line, was also very instrumental in this purchase.

We will certainly enjoy this great car.

Will post photos, when in my posession.

In fact, it will be hard to wash it, as the patina is great.

What is a HPOF certification ?

We enjoy collecting original vehicles , & would always maintain this car as shown.


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:cool:Nice '32 Pontiac! The louvers, hood ornament, and covers around the leaf-springs are "Very Squanky", as my Grandmother would have said at the time. Imagine what it would have been like going from a Model T or a Whippet to a car like that in 1932. I think it's great that it's a built-in trunk rather than a rumble seat model. I have a Model A Standard Coupe with a trunk and like the fact it's in original condition (rather than someone having converted it to a rumble-seat Coupe, or adding cowl lights to make it look like a Deluxe Coupe). How many cubes in the Pontiac Six?

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