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Firewall Insulation for '65


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Anybody ever use the firewall insulation from Cars, Inc?

Old Buick Parts - CARS. Inc.

I am installing mine, but my original insulation was already removed from the car, so I don't have a guide. The new insulation came with 7 plastic retainers. Anyone know which holes they go in? I took a guess at which holes, but the retainers are incredibly tight in the firewall (to the point that they are bending) so I want to be sure I have the correct placement, before I drive them in all the way. Also, what did the original retainers look like (assuming they did not look like the plastic retainers) and does anyone have a source for the original versions?



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The retainers that come with most aftermarket insulation pads are almost impossible to get into the holes in the firewall. After experiencing that with a 1966 Skylark GS I purchased just the retainers from Year One which were nylon and worked a lot easier to install. Their part number is HR122. Once installed they look original. Sorry that I can't help you with the proper location.

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I made one for my '64 when I had it apart in the mid '90's.

I cut and trimmed a 1/16" rubber sheet across the whole firewall. Then I cut a piece of foam carpet underlay that was about 1/2" thick over the first layer. I sandwiched that with a final layer of the 1/16" rubber. Although it is not original it has a nice smooth black finish and the two layers of rubber really soak up the sound.

I have used the combination of deadener ans sheer rubber on the inside of doors. One I really remember is a black '69 Cougar that I gave the full treatment to. You would swear you were closing the door on a Bentley.


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