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Any good radiator shops in CT?


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While detailing the engine I figured it was a good time to clean up the radiator too. I used some spray stripper to remove the paint and used a bristle brush to work it. Painted it and installed it and you guessed it. Now I have a leak. A small seeping around the base of a tube as it enters the bottom tank.

Any of you guys in CT have a shop that you could recommend? Preferably in central CT.

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I dropped my radiator off Monday moring (pre hurricane) and got it back today at noon (post hurricane). Frank at Radiator Hospital was great. He boiled it out and repaired the small leak. Put 5lbs of pressure in it to check forother leaks. Very reasonable. If anyone is looking for a radiator shop I highly recommend Frank. He also boils out gas tanks. I will be bringing mine to him over the winter.

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