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buick treadle vac

Guest RXN

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looking for some info on the treadle vac system. Im looking at a 1960 Buick Lesaber. was told brakes were done (shoes/pads) but still need to push very hard to stop. A buddy of mine said he experienced the same with his 1958 Oldsmobile. but he is not familiar with Buick.

If it is hard to stop, would it be the Treadle vac? assuming a 1960 used the treadle vac system.

If so, where is it located? in the master cylinder? or else where? and are they easy to come by? (buy a new one)

Any info on this would be a great help, thank you

- Ryan

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There is no Treadle Vac on a '60 Buick. They are just a standard diaphragm power booster. I had mine rebuilt and replated by Booster Dewey.

If you are looking at a 50 year old car for sale that stops hard the brakes being "done" may have fallen short. If you remove a wheel and roll the wheel cylinder cup back you will probably see reddish colored mud. It is a sign that they have not been done and mud isn't compressible. When I did mine I replaced all four wheel cylinders and had a NOS master cylinder sleeved.

Carefully inspect all the steel lines. Water collects in the bottom of them and rusts away the inner thickness. I gently bring vise grip jaws on the sides of brake lines. Then I turn the adjusting screw with them partly open and increase pressure. If the bottoms are thin they will crack open and split like a lobster tail.

You will also find the brake hose to the torque tube is not available. I had to have mine made at a hose fabrication shop. I think it was about $35.

All of your hardware and springs should be replaced. I make it a practice to have my new shoes and drums ground to match.

I thought I had some pictures of the brake job but can't find them.


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