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Model numbers and engineering numbers

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Thank you! I have the info on the vins, but i'm having problems to decode the model and engineering numbers .Example model #(vf-31) engineering code (t-88-e) Is there a listing like they have on the vin # for model and engineering #?

The "VF-31" is the model code. "V" is for the model year of the truck and the "F" for the size/model/capacity. "31" is a number assigned to the wheelbase size.

The "t-88-e" is the engineering code - "T" for truck, "88" the 88th model (although model numbers were skipped") and is used to indentify the engine, and "e", again for the truck capacity. The wheelbase usually follows the "e". The "T-88" was also used as the engine number prefix.

For VF-31 model code -

"V" - 1940 model year

"F" - 3/4, 1 and 1½ Ton conventional truck

"31" - 1½ Ton, 133" wheelbase

T-88-E was used on VM and VMA models. The "A" meant a tractor type truck. The VF and VFA used T-98

VF-31 was engineering code T-98-E-133 -

T - Truck

98 - Engineering model code - 228.1-cid block (3.375"x4.25")

E - 1½ Ton

133 - 133" wheelbase.

The T-98-E was also used on Canadian-built DB3 1½ Ton models

I have the list of model numbers, enginerering codes but I am still collecting them all into one document, serial numbers included.


Toronto, ON

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