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Royal Engineers grille or bumper badge from Rolls-Royce, enamel, English

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I have decided to offer my latest find here for sale, it just doesn;t match my collection as cool as it is. More info in the link below but basically it came off an old Rolls-Royce and appears to be from the 1930's to my eye, weighs about 1/2 lb.!

Click to see detailed pics: http://forums.aaca.org/f169/found-very-cool-royal-engineers-grille-338310.html

Asking $125 which includes shipping and insurance to you anywhere in the US. Please PM with your interest.

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I didn't see the size?

It's a men's medium, or a women's large.

Just kidding, the measurements are 3-1/2 inches wide by 4-1/2 inches tall by 1/2 inch thick at the widest point of the domed glass. An incredibly substantial piece and I'm still surprised something of this craftsmanship was simply bolted to the front of a car.

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