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1927 Chevrolet AA Capitol Touring Convertible, 4 door 5 passenger

Guest Brando & Joanne

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Guest Brando & Joanne

Awarded "Best in Class, Pre-War Cars"

Lake Mirror Classic Concourse D'Elegance

October 20, 2012


Restored as Original.

Interior and Exterior in Excellent Condition.

Looks and Drives Great! Under carriage clean and rust free.

1927 was the first year Chevrolet outsold Ford by topping 1 million units for the first time. In all but four of the next 55 years, Chevrolet was the top selling American nameplate. 1927 was the last year for the Ford Model T and Ford closed his factories for several months to change all production lines to make the A-Fords, leaving his share of the market open for Chevrolet and Chrysler.

Car Statistics: Weight- 1895 pounds, 171 cubic inch, 4 cylinders,

26 Horsepower, 103 inch wheelbase, 29 inch wheels, Artillery Hubcaps. Antique, Classic, Historic, Vintage Cars

Brando Pistorius, Owner (813) 917-9205


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