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1930's Philco radio dial

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I see your control pictured in my book of period "Philco Transitone" schematics. Text said its for Models 805,6,7,8,9. It further said it fits "all autos" of the mid-late 30's. So it looks like it's universal fit. Some are shown under dash, then there was a piece of hrdwr to mount it on the steering column.

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Some Philco Model 806s were specially built for Nash and called models T-7 and T-8. See link. The model ID tag for your radio is located inside the radio, so you need to take the cover off to see which model you have.

Philco Model 806 Auto Radio

See this Ebay listing for location of ID tag. It's shown in the photo on the right.

1935 36 37 Vintage Philco Transitone Am Radio Stereo Underdash Wood Knobs | eBay

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