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Gas lines

Tim Wolfe

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My 30 CJ Chrysler still has the fuel line, brake lines in place attached with original hangers.

I have the vacuum line that goes to the windshield wiper but it is off the car. I handle it very gently to preserve the original factory bends and curves.

I will look today to see if the lines are painted or natural finish. This will be a start.

I do know that I scraped the brake line on the passenger side of the motor with a pocket knife to see what it was made of, (it was painted), and to my surprise, the brake line was painted 1/4 inch copper.

Marty Lum has sent me factory pictures of a 30 CK Desoto chassis so he may chime in. He is my virtual assistant and mentor. Great guy.

Bill Harmatuk

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The fuel and vac lines on my 1926 and 28 Chryslers are copper that are painted semi gloss black.The brake lines are not painted. (1930 the same ?)

The brake lines are not pure copper. They are a copper alloy mixed with zinc or something to make them less prone to hardening and splitting.

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Guest richentee

You might try using cunifer instead of copper. It is not as subject to work hardening as copper or brass, but will clean up to look like copper. It is a copper-nickel alloy.

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Guest namvetschrysler

All my brake and fuel line were copper, the long pipes running from the tank or to the rear brakes were covered with a woven type material, being an Australian model this may differ from the US models but i do know for sure that mine is totally original, i am the second owner, the smaller pipes may have been painted but mine were polished, obviously for cosmetic reasons.

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