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Carr Fastener or DOT Grease Fitting Dust Caps - What Cars Used Them?


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While the Alemite grease fitting is the most popular and has been reproduced, many smaller car manufacturers used the DOT or Carr Fastener grease fitting. This fitting has an ACME thread and requires a grease gun with the proper ACME thread to access the fitting.

The Stanley Steam Car used these fittings in the 1920s, first the triangular fitting and later the round fittings shown in the attached photographs.

Durant used these fittings as did (I am told) the Stutz. What other cars used these fittings?

I ask in part to determine if it is economically feasible to have the dust caps reproduced.

Does anyone know if these dust caps are being reproduced now and if so, by whom.

Very best wishes!

Don Hoke

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