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New guy - need help ID'ing a Dodge flat 6 truck engine

Guest Barsteel

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Guest Barsteel


This is my first post. I've been into older and muscle cars since i remember, and now finally own several, including a 64 Ford Galaxie and 2 Chevy trucks, a '53 1/2 ton and a '57 1/2 ton.

I recently found a '46 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup that I'm interested in adding to the collection. It's originally from South Dakota, and it's about as rust-free as can be expected for a truck that's over 60 years old, and it appears to be all original. It's also running and registered, so will be able to test drive it to determine the condition of the brakes, etc.

The owner was honest enough to tell me that there's a crack in the block. Although it's been sealed with block sealer and held for 2 years, I'd be looking to eventually replace the engine with another Dodge flat 6 if I bought the truck.

On the bright side, the truck comes with another engine that turns and is 100% complete. The owner told me that it's out of another '46 truck, which is nice because I'd like to use an engine that's from 1946 or later truck. The numbers off the replacement are T112*121885.

I've searched the net for over an hour, but have not been able to identify this engine's date of manufacture, although from what I can tell, the T112 indicates that the engine is a 218 ci. Dodge truck engine.

Any way to confirm the year this engine was made?



Monroe, CT

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Guest Richie09

Hi Chris, my print of the '39-'47 records show that T112 prefix is always used for 1/2 ton 116 inch wheel base but '41 through '47, even in the Canadian Fargo/Dodge 1/2 ton, military war years also and like you said the 218 cu.in. for all those mentioned.

For it to be for the '46 "correct" the following digets of the T-112 is going to be need by someone knows more than me. Try the guys on the '39-'47 Dodge trucks.com who have a yahoo.com group or maybe call the vintagepowerwagons.com could zero onto to years of mfr.

Hope this helps, Rich, Brimfield, MA

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