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My 48 Plymouth is Finally on the road!


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I finally finished the brake job, Front end rebuild including Kingpins, steering box replacement, full tuneup, all new tubes and tires on Powder coated rims, etc. on my 48 Plymouth Convertible.

Now I have her on the road and it drives fairly well with some quirks to work out.

I replaced all the back chrome on it including the rear bumper which I got at Hershey, so it's looking a tad snazier in it's sad own way.

I would really like to put the top down on it but the vacuum cylinders aren't working.

They have vacuum to them. The control on the dash seems to be working, the header bow is free from the windshield header. Does anyone have any idea of how to get it to work? I could have sworn last year when I put it in the shop to do all the work on it, I loosened the header and the top picked up a little from the header before I realized the one clamp hadn't disengaged so I just put it back down and latched it.

The one cylinder sounded like it was leaking air. After wiggling the ram it sounded like it sealed up.

It'a a vacuum top. Is there fluid in the cylinders? I squirted a little mystery oil in the lines and worked it several times but it didn't make any difference.

I haven't gone through my shop manual but i'm thinking that isn't going to help me.

Does anyone have any ideas? There aren't many days here in the east left that I will beable to run it with the top down. post-43003-143139224084_thumb.jpg





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Sorry, I'm no help with your top questions but wanted to say what a great looking car, congratulations, and I would humbly suggest don't be in any hurry to repaint that lovely (to my eyes) exterior patina.

I'm anxious to bolt on the new chrome I have, as I have done outback, but the paint is going to stay the way it is for at least a year. It's very user friendly this way.:D

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Good luck on the top, and as said it looks fine with current paint.

It has been fun tooling around in it. No long trips yet but just around town. I keep it at my shop and drive it home for lunch every nice day I get. She starts and runs great. I think the Passenger side top cylinder is froze. If we don't get snow and salt this week, I'll take the cylinder out and see what I come up with. I can remove the cylinders and just put it up and down manually for now if all else fails. I still want to have some top down driving experience this fall!

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Well with the storm and rain coming looks like I may have a few days to take the back seat out and side panels so I can get the rams out. I'll have to take them out to get them working anyways. Lets hope when the storm is over I'll have a chance to drive it again. It's got a heater and windows so I'll drive it until they salt the roads here. I drove my 1936 chrysler the beginning of December when it was 30 for a high. That doesn't have a top or a heater yet. A few layers of clothes and a 4 or 5 mile trip at 55 MPH. I was having fun of course I just finished putting it together after rebuilding the engine and brakes so I had to try it out while I had the chance:)

Thanks for the good words. It will be a fun little car I don't have an arm and a leg in.

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