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Or how not to bid on e-bay.

I had been following an assortment of 1925 standard parts on e-bay last week. Waiting close to closing then try to bid. Since most of my experience with this auction site bidding on parts for my car has been unsuccessful. Even when waiting to the last minutes I have usually been out bid. The parts.. seperate postings... complete front axle assembly

almost complete rear axle ...torched off torque tube near torque ball

4- 21" wheels, rims, tires, hubs and several brake drums

engine, missing accessories, but said to have been rebuilt 7 years ago, with transmission and the (stub of the torque tube)

spare tire carrier with bumper brackets

roadster top irons with rough bows and some covering left.

Through out the previous week I had contacted the poster about some verification on the engine number. He said he would get me the information and some other photos. These were not forthcoming. He did give me the sellers phone # and I spoke to him directly. He was planning on Hot Rodding what was left. The parts were for pick up only. But the poster said he came thru central Pa often and may be able to deliver. I said if not, since I was planning to

bid on all the items and if successful a long road trip to Tennesse would be in order. Last Friday I got tied up just before the auction ended. My fault! I saw that several items recieved no bid. But the wheels, axles and engine/trans were sold. I e-mailed the poster to make an offer on the top and spare tire carrier. No reply... I waited several days then tried to call the seller. No answer.... This evening I tried to call the seller again. We connected and I asked about the availability of the top and carrier. He said no one sent any money for all the parts... no one e-mailed.. so today he took all to the scrap. He got $158.00 for all!! That then made me feel realy sick!! I thanked him and apologized for not bidding on time and making it worth his while. Then I asked if where the scrap yard was and maybe I could contact them. He said no use since they"chunked up the stuff" soon as he brought it in. Watched them break the transmission off the engine etc. Most of the parts were at least still painted, very restoreable and not totally rusted. Not as if sitting in a field for 70 years.

I just can't get over that in this day and age this still happens. I realize if I was interested I should have gotten a bid in earlier. But once the items were sold one assumes someone wanted them, would pay and pick them up. This was after the Hershey experience where all rusted, crumbling bits and pieces are to command small fortunes. Please forgive the rant. I still want to kick myself!



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That is just sad,I have won bids on E-Bay before and the sellers did not honor the win because they said it did not bring enough money to make it worth their time.Different mindsets I guess.

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I had similar problems years ago with ebay. Not near the computer when the auction ended, at work, out shopping, different time zones with auctions ending at 2 or 3am on the other side of the world but mostly just forgot. I moved to a bidding scheduler come sniping software and have never looked back. Just set and forget. If I win Yeah, if I don't, I just didn't want it bad enough to bid high enough to win, too bad for me and good luck to the winning high bidder.


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