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Found a very cool Royal Engineers grille badge yesterday


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I found this at a curiosity shop yesterday and had to pick it up. I've seen lots of grille badges over the years but never anything quite like this. As most are cast metal and enameled or painted, this one is made of multiple pieces, a heavy chrome bezel, chrome backing plate, copper inside plate that has hand-painted stripes in red and blue, Queen Elizabeth II's crest with a ribbon at the bottom that says ""Royal Engineers", and the whole thing is topped off with a domed piece of thick glass. It's marked Beaulah on the base support and the thing weighs over 1/2 lb.!!! It is presumably made in England.

The owner said it came from an old Rolls-Royce but didn't have much other info. What other similar pieces have you guys found, specifically with the glass outer cover or maybe even by this maker Beaulah? I considered putting it on my car but it doesn't seem like the right fit on a German car, so I'll either save it for when I eventually get another Brit ride, I do miss those Jaguars!





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