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1937 Buick parts, not mine

Guest BJM

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I have the following parts for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster for sale (52,000 miles):

1937 Buick Roadmaster 320 cubic inch straight eight with all accessores (has not been started for many years).

3spd transmission


Fuel lines



Rear axle


Make me an offer. I'm near Denver, CO

PM or call Mutt at 303-907-1955 (leave message if I don't answer and I'll get back to you right away)

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I am interested buying your parts.how much would you like for them?

will it fit my buick limited 90 series 1937?

how about shipping to Poland?

I am looking for a steering wheel ,headlights,front shock and back lights,grill.

many thanks.


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Please note, Jake posted here something he saw elsewhere. You, or someone will need to call that number. I am not sure how you will get Mutt a personal or private message (PM), but perhaps Jake can tell you.

I am not an expert on interchanges, but I think some Limited and Roadmaster stuff will interchange. I hope this helps.


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