Autumn Buicks

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Seems it is early here yet but almost like last year at this time...


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DEI's post in Autumn Buicks inspired me to haul out our 1939 Century for a photo shoot of beautiful colours and backgrounds if your neighbours are farmers.  Dry corn will let my friends feed their livestock this winter, good for them.  Windmills power their farms and provide modern, renewable energy for us.  Rural life is especially beautiful in the fall.  All the pictures are from Jeff and Jennifer Wilson's operation a few miles from our home.

Regards, Gary


DSC_5587 (2).JPG

DSC_5601 (2).JPG

DSC_5600 (2).JPG

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Last week-end, the colors on the trees were

mainly bright yellow, and I took advantage of a

sunny fall day to drive the 1957 Century 4-door

hardtop.  Somehow, nature's glory in person is

usually more resplendent than my camera can capture,

but the bright scenery was a good setting to photograph

the Dawn Gray and Antique Ivory paint colors:




1957 Buick--Autumn 2019 (4).JPG

1957 Buick--Autumn 2019.JPG

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On vacation for the week, my wife and I cruised out to our favorite breakfast place, Maureen's Kitchen in Smithtown, last week on the 21st, for some excellent food. Gave the Pace Car a last good run for the season. Put in some fresh gas and into hibernation it went. Always enjoy cruising in this ride it never fails to please, and the company is still the best.



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