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door alignment on wood framed car

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The doors on my 1922 touring car are somewhat twisted. They are well aligned with the body at the top of the door and along the hinge edge of the door but stick out about 1/2" at the bottom of the unhinged edge. I've tried using body shims but still can't achieve good alignment. I would like help on how to adjust this misalignment from any one who has faced and solved this problem. Thanks Tom

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Of you don't have upholstery on the door panels yet, then one possible solution is to run wires diagonally, with a turnbuckle in the middle, from top hinge area to rear bottom area, and tighten accordingly.

This won't work with pockets in the doors, of course.

On a metal car, you could try twisting door slightly, but on a wood frame car only mechanical means (such as above) will bring that rear bottom edge into place.

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