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Delco Lovejoy Lever Action Shock - Application?


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I took this shock absorber to Hershey last week with the intentions of selling it but forgot to take it out of the van! It's a Delco unit but I have no idea what it fits. Anyone care to guess? And, if you can use it, I'll take $5 plus shipping...I just want it into the hands of someone who will use it.post-49452-14313921807_thumb.jpg



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The number 1441R is the Delco number to go buy, fits right rear 1936 Plymouth P-1, with standard wheels and (only 1936 Plymouth P-2 with 20" wheels)


Hi Marv. Very mpressive your knowledge. Any possibility you tell me the correct Delco Lovejoy numbers for a Chrysler 1929 model 75? Thanks in advance. Fernando

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