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Dodge L-head engine 1940-48 needed


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Guest toybox99615

There are a couple of differences in the earlier and latter engines you need to be aware of. Among those is the cubic inch displacement increased as did the horse power. So latter engines have some advantage unless you are need an exact replacement for a specific year. The flywheel changed some place during those years. I do not know the exact year. The difference in flywheels requires you to have the correct throwout bearing collar. The bell housing is the same for these years as is the clutch and brake pedals and linkage.

You might see if you can find a Motors Manual from the mid 50's to look at. You can see a comparison of the engines in either the Plymouth, Chrysler, Dodge or Desoto sections as they are all the same basic engine year for year.

These same engines can be found in lots of old military vehicles and some stationary equipment. One main problem is these blocks are infamous for cracking. Look on the drivers side of the block just above the core plugs for signs of cracks. If you find a block and are going to have it reworked I'd spend the money to have it inspected (Magnafluxed) for cracks before they begin work.

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Hi, I have a Dodge Spitfire engine in my 34 pickup that will be coming out. I have no Idea what the condition is. It was stuffed into the 34, and there isn't enough room to get a socket on the front cranshaft nut so I can see if it turns over. The oil on the dipstick indicates there is no water in the oil. It is the long spitfire, which means if you measure the length of the head it is 25 inches. It has a 4 speed tranny hooked to it, so I am thinking it is out of some kind of truck. I couldn't find the engine number before, but have since found it on top of the engine block right above the place where the number usually is on the side of the block. I am pretty sure the number is C51-49866. Maybe some of you numbers guys can tell us what it was from. The first letter might not be a "C". It is pretty rusty, so I may have it wrong. People on the forum have said it was produced after WW2, and named after the Spitfir airplane used during the war. I realize you are on the East coast, and I am on the West coast, so it probably isn't worth shipping. But it is yours if you want it, or anyone else that does. Thanks, Guy Denton





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