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Yes, I know the US National Election is right around the corner, but so is a very important one to you, the AACA club member.

I'm sure most everyone got the recent AACA Magazine. Inside the magazine plastic cover you will find an election form for our AACA Board. All of us need to seriously consider voting this year. In the past, we have only had 5-7,000 members vote each year. That is out of over 60,000 members. We need to do better than this folks. Please get your AACA friends together and ask about the candidates, so you can make a informed vote. You must vote for 7 candidates only. No more, no less!

Please send your ballot in now so our club can continue as a strong organization. Our hobby depends on it.


I am not running for Election this year!:)

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Both of my kids got their Antique Automobile magazines (with the ballots) sometime before I left for Hershey. I am still waiting for my magazine and ballot. We always vote, but I am beginning to think I am not getting a ballot this year. Wayne, How long do I need to wait before requesting a replacement ballot?

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