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Parking Brake Problem

Guest Kurt Franz

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Guest Kurt Franz

I was checking into why my parking brake does not operate correctly and found the cause. It seems that there are 2 "pins" that exist to stop the ratcheting mechanism when the release handle is pulled. On my 90 these 2 pins are bent and loose so when the release handle is pulled the ratcheting mechanism (that is what I am calling it - it is the metal part of the assembly that has the catch that goes into the teeth on the wheel that the brake cable attaches to) slams past the pins and ends up in "no mans land" so to speak - the catch part is lower that the teeth. That is the reason why I was getting no resistance when applying the parking brake pedal.

After figuring this out I got a big flat blade screwdriver, put the blade into the first tooth on the wheel and used a hammer to "coax" the ratchet mechanism up above the wheel where it is supposed to be. This worked and allowed for the parking brake to function when the pedal was applied as the catch was engaging the wheel correctly.

However, when I pulled the release, the force was too great for the bent loose pins to stop it and hence back to square one. No parking brake.

Has anyone encountered this one before? My goal is to try and figure out a way to do something to those pins to allow them to stop the mechanism when the release is activated. I want to try to see if there is some kind of fix before I invest in a replacement parking brake assembly and remove the dash.

If this post does not make sense I understand as this is difficult to explain and pictures would be tough considering where the items at hand are located on the vehicle.



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Guest Kurt Franz
We're still waiting for your photo...

i hope to have it posted to my website later today....regardless I am thinking that there is probably no way to fix this with the unit attached as the area is too space limited to be practical. I was thinking of threading a large nut on to one of the pins, but that would hose things up as the mechanism would then be stoppped at a higher location therefore throwing things off. Just trying to avoid taking that dash off.....


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