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could this be an Oldsmobile F30?

Guest missM

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or maybe something else? I don't want to say I have been trying to figure this out for a long time, the more research, the more doubt, seems hood louvers, visors and wheels varied a lot on the same models back then.

anyway, part of our family genealogy, that's my Aunt Ruthie.

you guys sure seem to be the right place to post.


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wow...all this time it never occurred to me the grille shell could be painted, or even recognized the parking light on the fender. I believe you've solved the riddle that's been puzzling us for some time. Oldsmobile F30 just didn't quite fit, although that was the consensus with the family driving Oldsmobiles for a couple generations. thank you Dave.

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a fun morning perusing the internet on Nash automobiles, google, wiki, the Nash Car Club of America. Nash Car Club of America

thanks again for the info.

can now label the pic as being with a 1932 Nash sedan, not so sure on the big six, 990, 1060, 1070 or which designation, guess would have to open the hood...anyway, attached is a 1070 sedan, more pics at the link, wild hub cap/covers really stand out.

Village Service| Vehicle Profile


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