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Weather seals on a 34 Dodge


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Hi All,

Does anyone have any information on what, if any, weather seals were installed on a 34 Dodge. The Windscreen has one attached to it and the rear 1/4 vent windows have one vulcanised to its frame but not sure about the doors and a secondary one for the front windscreen. Again, as I didn't dismantle the car I'm not 100% sure.

I'm reluctant to check Australian Bodied 34's as often they a slightly different from the American ones as Richards built the Bodies.

Many thanks


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Check this link: http://www.steelerubber.com/uploads/image/ecats/Chrysler.pdf Pages 26,27,30,34,35,44,45,53, etc. You will have to "wander around" their catalog, check out the photos/diagrams, and see what looks right for your vehicle. They have a lot of stuff, not all of which is for your particular model of Dodge. So check the info carefully.

Possibly comparing this info with your parts list may be helpful.

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