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1938 Buick Estate Wagon


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I see there is a Wildanger bodied Estate wagon floating around. Does anyone know anything about this car? Are there records of Buicks that were sold without bodies? Do they have a unique trim tag? Any information about this car will be extremely helpful.



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Guest Richard Wildanger

Hi, although I do not have exact info about this Buick, my dad Edward Gabriel Wildanger (deceased 2009; visit EDWARD GABRIEL WILDANGER: Obituary Notices) was the last son of Joseph Wildanger. He built a "1930 Wildanger Woodie Model A". I posthumously wrote an article for the Woodie Times about it (dad never got around to despite his assurances to the Woodie Times that he would). I can email the article to you if you email me your email address. I always like to connect with other "Friends of Joseph Wildanger & Co, Red Bank, NJ"). I vaguely recall--perhaps very erroneously--that this Buick was in the collection of a wealthy man in Kentucky or Tennessee (horse country, as it were). My folks visited him in the late 1990s. I think the man got his wealth as the founder of a model railroad hobby company. Of course my dad was jazzed to see this car. I wish I had more specific info--or could at least assure that my memory is correct (I might be totally wrong! Sorry!). But I see that this Buick is still for sale in California at a classic car dealership. They purchased it at Pebble Beach in 2008(?) and have been holding onto it. It is a pretty rarified collectors item so I guess they have not had a lot of takers through this recession.

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