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Hi, new at the forum.

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Guest Picture Cars PR


im "refurbishing" a 52 Pontiac Chieftain for a local museum and was looking for information on the car (which lead me here)

There's some small parts missing and such, already have a wiring diagram, etc.

the car is pretty complete but in a rough shape and was repainted sometime in its life.

i own a 52 Chevy which is very similar on mechanical stuff, althought the Pontiac is an 8 cyl flat and automatic



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Hi Jose, just FYI the body shell has much interchange with a Chevy, including doors, glass, weatherstrip and window and roof related trim. The frame and mechanicals are mostly different--some things look like a similar design but few things interchange. There is an ongoing 1952 Pontiac restoration in the "Projects" section of the forum, good luck on yours, Todd C

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