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1916/17 Overland model 85 T

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Before the remains of this old girl go to the scrap man does anyone need any pieces? Has frame,cowl ,front fenders ,levers etc.. let me know soon before she's a puddle of molten iron. Thanks JO BO


Hi Jo Bo, It is two years after your post re the model 85 T post but have have the parts gone to the scrap man as the fenders look as if they would be useful and may fit our model 83 Overland? Thanks John M

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Hi John; Yes the iron man came for all the scrap we had, but for some reason failed to pick this old girl up so we still have her. THey sure made fenders heavy back then although they still got dented. Thanks

Hi Jo Bo, The fenders look pretty straight, do they have much wrong with them? We have been working with two reasonable fenders for our model 83T but realise that they are a rare item and it would be sensible to save anything of merit if at all possible.

We need to find a a decent set of rear fenders for our Overland and a good back seat section also.

I expect that freight from Billings to Los Angelos would be quite costly but there are people who could handle the freight to Australia from LA.

What vehicles are you interested in and do you need any parts for your project? What is Montana like as a place to live, I imagine it is a reasonably remote part of the States?

Thanks for your reply, JohnM

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