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Lurked for a while, first time to post.

Guest Shurt24

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Guest Shurt24

Hey guys! My name is Austin. I've been lurking on this site for sometime, and I figure I might as well jump in. I'm 18, and own two (2) 1977 Buick Rivieras. One is my DD and is Olds 403 powered. The other is awaiting its fate and is/was powered by the SBB 350. I love my Rivs, and am always wanting to learn more about them. I'm also looking for 1-2 {R} centercaps, as well.

Thanks guys.

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You're in the right place. Glad you decided to quit lurking and jump in. There is a lot to be learned by lurking, perhaps it's now your turn to enlighten us with something you've learned. Center caps for the Riviera Rally styled wheel? A really good source for parts is the classified section of the Riviera Owners Assn. magazine. I'm sure if you've been lurking long enough that you've heard many guys say that membership in the ROA is one of the best restoration tools you can have. At $30 per year it's really cheap. Here's a link to get you started.


Once again, welcome.


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Guest Shurt24

Thank you very much for the welcome, Ed. Yes, for the rally wheels.

And thanks for the link, I've heard a lot about ROA. I'll be more than happy to join.

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Hi Austin and welcome aboard. We need more people interested in the 74-77 cars. The great thing about that generation Rivieras is they are still inexpensive to buy and are a great model for a young person to get involved with as far as classic cars. When I bought my first Riv at age 17 over 30 years ago it was a 67 and they were cheap then much like the 74-77s are today and besides the unique styling, being cheap is what first attracted me to the Riv. Post a couple pics of your cars when you get a chance.

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Guest Shurt24


These are of my DD.

-In the first picture, the car was still in it's previous home, Riverside, California. I bought it, and shipped it to where I live, Little Rock, AR.

-The second picture is of both of my Rivs, obviously. This was the day the California Riviera arrived and I just had to back it in next to my other one. :)

-The third picture is of it's first "test" drive in AR.

-The fourth picture is a couple weeks ago, just chillin' in the park.

My other Riviera isn't road ready, unfortunately. Needs some body work, I bought the car this way.


It had an overheating problem, the mechanic we bought it from said that he had just replaced the bottom end of the motor (it was his moms car) but it was over-heating still when I purchased the car. It seems as though he had already replaced the radiator, as well. We pulled the heads off, and we ("we" refers to my dad and I) were going to get them magna-fluxed and checked, but then life got in the way. So, as of now, it sits, motor torn apart, awaiting its destiny while I drive the heck out of my other one.

Anybody know of somewhere I can pick up a RR tail-light assembly for a 77 Riv? (i have a long list of needed parts for this one)

i'll get some more pictures of the project Riv soon.






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Austin, it is good to have you join this group. The 1977 and 1978 was a unique Riviera and I agree with Jason's comments that we need more of these cars and their owners taking an interest in the ROA. Some friends of mine in the local chapter of the Buick Club located a 1978 Riv that needs paint, a little body work and a new interior for WAY under $1,000 but it was a running, driving car with cold A/C. In surfing the internet I found a company that manufacturers the four bumper fillers for the 1977 and 1978 Riviera's. They are Replica Plastics located in Dothan Alabama. Their website is Replica Plastics and they say they keep everything in stock. The bumper fillers for the four corners of their Riviera cost $216 plus $15 for UPS shipping.

As far as parts, look around in your area for a salvage yard where you can pull the parts yourself. In the southeast, Pull-a-Part has locations in Memphis Tn and Jackson Ms which may or may not be convenient to you but you can go on their website and choose a location, (city) make of car and then model and it will bring up a listing of their cars. It does not tell you the condition of these cars but does list the date as to when they were brought in to their yard. Their website is Used Auto Parts For Less - Pull-A-Part You can also look up prices for individual parts there. They are very reasonable.

Good luck with your Riviera's

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Guest Shurt24
The car in the first pic appears to be in really nice shape. Do you know what options it has?

Both of your cars appear to have solid bodies absent of rust which is a BIG plus in your favor. Thanks for the pics

The car in the first pics is my DD.

-It's got the 403.

-Fiber optic signal indicators.

-climate control

-Cornering lights

-no rear defog

-no delay wipers (although my other Riv has this option)

-neither have a gas light, indicating low fuel, just a gauge.

-neither have a tripometer.

-my DD had the stock spoke wheels.

-the other Riv had the Road Rallys, we swapped them for the more sporty look.

In 77 and 78, I've come to realize that the options were very mixed. My dad had a 77 back in the day. Fully, and I mean fully, loaded. Every option available. Including the astroroof.

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I always liked those '77 and '78 Rivieras. When they came out I noticed the styling ques from the '63 and '64. The return of the coke bottle flare in the quarters was nice. And the size; the Rivieras had grown pretty fat over the years. They stand out in a crowd today.


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