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Air conditioning won't turn off?


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Well, I guess it was bound to happen; I had to have my heater core replaced in my 1963 (and, from what my mechanic told, it wasn't the first time it was replaced, either--but, hey, it's 50 years old).

Anyway, no more foggy windows, leaks, or odd smells. However, my a/c seems to be on almost all the time--blowing nice, frosty air--even with all the levers in the off position. I have noticed that if the car isn't moving for a while that the airflow stops, if that's relevant. Searched the forums here but didn't find anything.

I will be speaking to my mechanic today, but I figured I'd see if:

1. Anyone else have this problem?

2. Any ideas on correction (and/or if this represents a more serious problem)?

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Have you unplugged the compressor while the engine is running to see if the clutch disengaged? Years ago I had to have the clutch replaced on a 73 Centurion and the tolerance was a little too tight and it would not stop. The shop pulled the clutch a little more forward and that solved the problem.

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