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I notice this new forum software has a habit of telling you when you mispelled but I cant find an icon that helps you correct the spelling. Am I missing it?

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I always keep a dictionary close by for spot checks. I can spell,I just can't type. I read and reread my posts several times to correct any errors! Every once in a while something slips by! My English teacher would probably roll in her grave after reading some of my stuff!

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I can't answer your question Jason but can you tell me how you and Ray enlarged your avatar?

I feel so small next to you guys!

I dont know how that happened Bill, maybe it has something to do with the picture that I initially downloaded. Maybe it has something to do with the web browser I am using.

Thanks Jim, I usually copy and paste to my yahoo mail, let it do its correction and then copy and paste back to here but that has to be the hard way. If its telling me as I type that I am spelling wrong ( it gives me a squiggly line under the miss-spelled word ) than it must give me an option to somehow correct it.

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Bill: My Avatar was made by the old system's software. It is about 79 pixels square. Yours looks to be made the same way and is 80px X 60px. I think this is the way the old Forum software made the conversion of an image to an Avatar before. Then those smaller Avatars were just carried over to this new Forum format when the conversion was done.

I think Jason made his current Avatar (200px X 131px) AFTER the new Forum software was installed. This version seems to be able to make larger Avatars from a photo. So maybe try to remove the Avatar you have now, then try to reuse the same large source picture (or any other one you want to use) and make a new Avatar entry for your Profile. That might make your Avatar larger.

>>> Yup. Just tried it. You DO have to have a prepared photo already set to the maximum size of 200px X 200px and not over 117K in size. To do that you may need to use an editing software to make the 200x200 image first. Then just select it from your saved files in your Profile settings.

(Sorry for the hijack Jason.)

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I wish we could have our old emoticons back; they were more fun than these silly little things.:mad:

My Avatar was the first one that I had tried; I think the new software offered a choice of sizes.

I agree

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I think that spelling has become so subjective that it is not possible to say whether certain words are correctly spelt but provided that the message can be understood, there is seldom a problem. Where the intended message becomes difficult to understand, it is usually because of poor sentence construction, however, where there is a general consensus regarding spelling I would agree that conformity is a good thing as it shows a certain degree of politeness and respect.

A spell checker can only help to a certain extent. For example, the word "tyre" is often spelt as "tire". Surely, tire means to become fatigued, so in this instance I would argue the American version is incorrect. Then again, the word "aluminum" which originated in America is spelt "aluminium" by the English and in this case, they are technically incorrect.

There are many examples of different spellings within English literature, which have been generally accepted, because an allowance is made for the period in which it was written. This shows that language is a living thing and will continue to evolve as time goes by. So long as we can understand what is being expressed, I would not worry too much about spelling.

The English language belongs to all of us; is it the business of academics to decide how we should or should not use it?


P.S. Aluminum was in fact first called "Alumium" by Sir Humphrey Davy ;so perhaps we have all got it wrong!!

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Just for the record I dont care how anyone spells, as long as I can understand what you are trying to get at.

I would never make a negative/hurtful remark on purpose concerning your spelling because who am I too judge. I only stated this post because I was curious and I like the initiative this format gives me to see my errors and correct them.

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