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1951 Roadmaster Appears To Be A GREAT Deal!

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Yeah that listing definitely requires a personal visit to the car before bidding/buying. Lots of red flags.

--Only been a member for 11 months

--never sold anything before

--no questions added at the bottom (you know there have been some with the terrible description given, if legit bids are there)

Could be fine, but no way would I bid without seeing it in person.

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Yeah that listing definitely requires a personal visit to the car before bidding/buying . . . . . Could be fine, but no way would I bid without seeing it in person.

I'm less than 15 minutes from Minnetonka, Minnesota if anybody is seriously interested in getting another opinion.

Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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3 pictures, all of the passenger side... I wonder what the dr side looks like, maybe the interior, and the engine... underneath...

could be a rookie listing.

Nice car if the entire car is as nice as the passenger side looks!

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I'd hit the Buy It Now button in a minute if I was in the market. Nothing looks fishy and I bet Gramps is the owner. Look at the row of trash cans. Poor old guy probably needs to buy food for all his kids who moved back home.

I bet he took as good care of the car as he did that nicely groomed yard.


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Looks like a rookie listing to me. Bernie probably called it. Most likely the old feller in the pictures listed it. Or maybe had one of his kids do it. Apparently someone thought the risk was worth it. If that thing is half as good as it appears someone got an awesome buy! Didn't take it long to sell. Someone snatched it up quick! Thanks for posting the link to the listing JZ. I forgot to include it. Talk about rookie listing.....D'OH!!!

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About the trash cans.. Now that's funny.

Most likely recycle bins though. This 52 was on craigslist before it went to sleazbay BTW. Saw it about a couple months ago or so. Too bad sleazbay bought into craigslist. They attempted and succeeded in many cases of stopping some of the grassroots nationwide easy search engines that had existed before their buy-in whereby these concerns were actually helping craigslist users in gathering search results from multiple area/state craigslists and funneling the search results into one common and easy search find. Sleazbay was once again putting the S into sleaze threatening these search engine companies with injunctions after buying into craigslist. So much for the premise of what craigslist was founded on for the good of all and the commons in general. Did not want the competition. Folks were finding great reasonably priced items nationwide without having to pay sleazbay their imposed cut. Guess everything has to be based on hyped-up barrett-jackson type approachss to listing and selling anything and everything.

BTW: If car auction prices appear to be going through the roof on just about everything that can roll these past 7 years or so, all we need to do is re-impose proper and fair capital gains and financial gains taxes and tobin financial transaction charges back onto this crowd so they would be forced to invest their idle and passive gains back into the real economy, by taking advantage of already available and existing tax laws that give them breaks for investing into real industry and real development instead of having it piling up without any type of imposition just so they can speculate with it and then all the while turning around with a wink and telling everyone they are job creators. Easy come - Easy go baby.

Car looks nice and if the engine was truly overhauled how could the purchaser go wrong.

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