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Turbo boost gauge

My TC Toy

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Hey "toy", about the smallest aftermarket is 52mm round, but if I remember some Chrysler/Dodge model turbos had a small square one on some dash gauge clusters on the center stack. I do forget what cars had them. But the 52mm gauge is only about 2in. and much smaller would be illegible at a glance, just something to think about.

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I did see a picture on the web at one time with a boost gauge mounted in the "cubby hole" under the radio. If I remember it was about a 52mm and was on the left side of the hole. Again, if I remember right, didn't look bad. It had, what looked like, a custom or hand made bezel that looked almost factory made. Tried looking for it but, as with things on the web, can't find it. Or maybe an LED gauge, they seem a little more compact.

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2" turbo boost guage installed on right side of guage cluster.

Guage is available at any automotive supply.

Dismantle guage housing and remove wood trim (Save it as you may wish to reuse it in the future.

Use the wood trim as a template and cut out a new piece the same size (I used a sheet of sturdy aluminum)

Cut a 2" hole

Cover with scrap piece of leather and dye same color as interior.

Install guage

Bob's your uncle


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Here's what I did in both of mine - I can easily see the gauges (boost, A/F ratio and the rectangular one is Exhaust Gas Temperature) through the steering wheel. You don't look at them all that much anyway, and there's plenty of room there without getting in the way of your leg.


Here's a close up. I made this one from veneer plywood; the one in the 16V is clear polycarbonate.


And there's room to put a switch or two if I ever needed to do that...


Edit - You can find 25mm industrial gauges that will cover -30 in H2O to 30 psi, but they are so small they're hard to read. I used a 25mm for a fuel pressure gauge on the 16V (mounted outside the windshield for safety) and it's an OK size for that.

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