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1970 Wildcat Convertible


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Looking for input on an 1970 Wildcat COnvertible w/455. Car is clean and from Arizona. COuld probably get it for around 4,000. I have always wanted a 1970 GS Stage 1, but right now, price prevents me from getting one. Is this a reasonable price for the Wildcat? DId this car have the smame engine as the GS w/o the Stage 1 package? Any articles anywhere on this particular auto? Anything appreciated. Thanks, Chuck

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If this is the teal green /blue car double check before purchase.I passed on that one and I love these cars.Own 2 at present.<BR>The car has same motor basically as the 1970 GS 455.Rated 370 horse and same 510 ft lbs torque.A better description of car would help with price question.This is a true Go fast with Class car.One of my Wildcats has the bucket seat auto on floor option.Car weighs 4200.about 300 more than the gsx.3/10ths slower with same gearing.

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