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Hupmobile and forklifts

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A guy I know says he back in time haveworked at a garage servicing forklifts and that he at that time saw a forkliftwith a Hupmobile 6 cylinder engine installed. It was a TOWMOTOR forklift and outof memory he claims that the engine is similar to the 6 cylinder 212 CID enginein my Hupmobile New Century Six, year 1931.

Does anybody have information whether Hupmobile at one timedelivered engines to forklift manufactures like TOWMOTOR or others?

I have tried to search the internet for relevant info, but cannotfind any, you guys in the US might have other contacts to info about these oldAmerican manufactures than I have from this remote location in Europe.


Right now I am struggling with a cracked cylinder cover which need aweld repair. These days it’s not easy to find a shop capable of welding veterantype cast iron with unknown specifications!

If anyone out there have any experience on welding Hupmobile cast-irons I would be pleased to receive all the information I can get, thanks. :D





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I've owned and worked on many different forklifts, including towmotors. I've never seen or heard of any forklift with a Hupp motor. I'd suspect someone did a conversion with a motor they had handy. The older towmotors I've seen always had Continental engines. Forklift companies generally used 'off the shelf' motors such as Ford industrial, Continental, Chrysler Industrial, Wakesha, Perkins and others. Here's a picture of a Clark I have in my yard. It has a Continental F245 in it.


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