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need help with parts for restoration of 1926.5 speedwagon

Guest 35tsc

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  1. Rear Fenders (left and right)

    1. 62” total length
    2. 22” tall
    3. 9” wide
    4. smooth top and about 5/16” crown
    5. about a 3” space for mounting running boards

    6. Running Boards (left and right)
      1. 65 ¾” long
      2. 5 ribs
      3. 9 ¼” wide

[*]Right and Left running board filler/splash guard (radius metal filler between the running boards and frame)

[*]1 pair spare tire mounting brackets

[*]6 or more Firestone Rim Clamps/wedge

[*]1 hood latch

[*]tail light lens 3”

[*]6 volt horn from the era

[*]amp meter from the era

[*]Horizontal role speedometer from the era

[*]fuse block cover or whole block

Any and all help would be appreciated.

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