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SKYHAWK 75-80, anyone ever stuff a 455 in one?????

Guest buickapollo455

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Guest buickapollo455

did all measurements, will fit under hood, how ever, is longer than 350 by 2.5 inch. and much longer than 3.8

from bell mount 29.5" , brings water pump to center of radiator. 1 inch deep into radiator. Can I use a "short water pump" or early short non AC car/?

if have short pump then just tight fit. if other wise, anyone ever berry the radiator like a VETTE under the nose of skyhawk at an angle close to grill with electric fan??

I want a real eye opener , when you open the hood there sits a 455 under the hood of a sub-compact car.

Any advise on fit of 455 in H-body 75-80 skyhawk. please chime in.




.note is hatch, frame work , needed help too dont want to twist it , if I do gas it.. thx

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If you can get the "fit" correct, it might make a decent sleeper. As the Chevy Monza had small block Chevk V-8s in some of them, which are not much lighter than the Buick V-8s, then that should help ease "the strain" on the unibody's front end. At least, it would be close enough you might find some springs in a salvage yard that would work. Upgrade the brakes with some good HP pads, too. But then comes that 7.5" rear axle . . . but again, as there have been a good number of Monzas made into drag cars, availability from the aftermarket should be decent for a stronger rear axle. Might need to add a roll cage, for both cosmetics AND body strength/reinforcement.

Just some thoughts . . .


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Things that will give you trouble:

1. Oil pan hitting steering linkage.

2. Length. Chev required short water pump as it was.

3. Room for exhaust system, headers or stock.

4. Underhood heat.

5. Motor mounts.

6. Weight.

7. Stopping power.

8. Driveshaft length.

9. Conversion of stock electric fuel pump to something else.

10. Body integrity.

11. Many other things that I have forgotten.

It can be done with lots of time and money.

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