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73 apollo by buick, modified project

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brought home my car out of storage, 73 apollo hatch coupe, 455

plans are; 1, strip all paint, redo paint 2, update transmission to handle 455 under hood. , 3 weld in GS hood scoops and hood tach mount. 4 finish console build, out of 76 skylark shifter, in a Park Ave console 75-76. 5. get hole in roof, yes, hole in roof, how about rare, suncoupe option to X body cars, have a full roof to fit a new top on my car. along with new black vinyl top.

car is to be yes, Saturn yellow, black out hood areas of GSX, red crimson striping, spoiler gsx on car now ( was cut down 5 inch to fit car, and mods to fit right) , 74 GSX stripes down sides with all GSX stripes and logos from Apollo 74. Every thing is BUICK, Everything. seats, roof, motor, rims, console. And painted GSX yellow and black on wrong car , wrong year, should of ,... could of... but Buick never did.






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