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Advice for First Time at Hershey


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Friends, it looks like I am finally making it to Hershey this year. Specifically, I'll be there all day next Friday. I have never been to Hershey -- I know, I know, I should have gone long ago, but it's always hard to get away from work. So I want to get your tips on what I should do/see and how I should plan the day given that I have only one day. In terms of stuff I'd like to buy, there are a few parts I want to find for my '35. And I do want to check out the car corral just in case there is something of interest: I sold the '41 110 back in June and I'm eventually looking to replace it, although I'm not in a hurry. And of course I want to see Packard folks who are around.

Any tips?

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Enjoy it, 1935Packard - unfortunately some developments at the office have forced me to cancel plans this year, so it has been a dissapointing few days, but there is always next year.

My advice to you in having one day is spend some time in the green field, right in front of the Giant Center, which you will see right away. While Packard parts abound at Hershey, there is a concentration of Packard people there, both small venders and the pros like Merritt, etc. which is where you are most likely to benefit from the trip. I would do that field as my priority and spend the latter part of the day whereever you feel like going, expect to be on sensory overload - if I had one day, I would cover the Green field, find anyone you wish to meet and visit with and maybe check out the car corral. If you can stay through Saturday you can take in the car show, but by then many vendors are packing up, not sure about car corral on Saturday as we usually go Wed - Friday.

Weather certainly looks like it will co-operate - Enjoy and let us know what you thought of the meet!

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I had an enjoyable day at Hershey. My wife joined me, and we arrived at around 11:30. My favorite experiences were walking through the car corral (great fun to check out so many interesting cars) and visiting the Packard Club hospitality tent and some of the major Packard vendors nearby. My favorite car at the car corral wasn't a Packard, though: There was a beautiful restored 1960 Buick Electra 225 convertible with a very reasonable asking price that really grabbed my attention. I've never thought much about those cars, and I'm way too cautious to make a decision on one on the spot. But wow, it was a spectacular looking car.

My only purchase was a screw knob for my 35's distributor cap from Max Merritt. Fred Mauck also had some really nice chrome pieces I'll probably order from him soon -- in particular, a new Cormorant hood ornament and gas cap. (The conversation with my wife after buying the knob from Merritt went something like this: Me: Well, I bought a knob I really needed. Her: Please tell me you didn't buy some little plastic thing no one sees for some ridiculous price like $50. Me: $50? That would be crazy. Her: So how much was it? Me: Um, yeah, exactly $50.)

With all of that said, I thought it was also a somewhat frustrating event. Outside the major venders, it's too damn hard to find what you're looking for. It was like walking into a huge library and trying to find a particular book without a card catalog. I bought a show catalog for $5 and looked up the Packard vendors, and visited a bunch of them on the Green Field. But it still seemed like a really inefficient process: Ideally there would be some sort of organizational system so the sellers can let the buyers know what they have; sort of an Ebay for Hershey. It could work like craigslist: Vendors could enter in what they have, and buyers could do keyword searches to narrow down who might have what they're looking for. And it would have been great if they found a way to create more organizational coherence, with different areas for different kinds of cars or major brands so it's all located in one place (or at least field). I guess a lot of people find walking for miles to try to find the needle in the haystack to be part of the fun? Or at least worth it, as those who are willing to hunt for and find the needle have a better shot at getting a good price for it? Or maybe the different vendors are in the same place year after year, so after a while you get used to where things are that you're looking for?

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