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Edward Lowe Motors Company


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Twice in the past I posted an inquiry on this site as to whether anyone knew anything about the Edward Lowe Motors Company; as a 1928 "L" Lincoln I have has a tag on the sill plate under the drivers door proclaiming the car to have been originally sold at said dealership. No response. This afternoon I googled the dealership's name and several references came up. The first two were my inquiries from this site; the third refered me to a E-Bay offering. The offering was a copy of an ad from Motor Land magazine of 1925. Information I can gleen from this ad is that the dealership was the succesor to the The Murphy Motors Company located at the corner of Van Ness Ave. and Jackson Street in San Francisco. Again can anyone add to this.post-34905-143139207423_thumb.jpg


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Well, I can offer a few suggestions (and my apologies if you're already doing/done them)...

(1) the Calif Cptn Comm or it's equivalent (states all love their own nomenclature) will have a record of the formation of the business, its principals (whether or not they had any principles) and it's dissolution...if you had a middle initial Edward'd be easier to trace,and/or relatives with the same last name...("Cptn Comm's", despite that name, USUALLY also have records of partnerships, sole proprietorships, assumed business names, etc, BUT it's always best to inquire before sending money, if a fee is involved)...

(2) SF City Directories, issued annually, would show when the business operated on the ground and its principal business...following the address backward would give you predecessors, and following it forward, and checking the principals of the new business might tell you if Edward kept on in some other line...ditto with following Edward in the individuals section of the City Directories, assuming Edward lived in Frisco proper or the area covered by the Frisco CD's, which sometimes include suburban bedroom communities..

(3) A Lincoln dealer would have to be relatively substantial; don't know if there's a Calif Auto Dealers/Agency Assn that'd have old dealer name lists etc....you could try FOMOCO; you might hit a history buff who may look something up for you... With sympathy, Bud

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