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Red Flag London-Brighton Iowa Tour

Bill Miller

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I was on this tour with my 1909 Mason. I have been on antique car tours since 1953 and have never been on a better organized tour. This was their first year and I can't think of anything they could improve on. What a great tour. I do have pictures and will have to have my daughter post them for me. This tour will be on our schedule for next year.

In New London a radio station was interviewing the participants, I was busy with the Mason so they interviewed my wife. She said she hoped to get a famous Iowa pork chop before we return to Wisconsin. When the tour finished the cars were on display at Threshers Park at Mount Pleasant, a gentleman came through looking for the woman that was on the radio that morning looking for a famous Iowa pork chop. He heard the interview and cooked a pork chop for her and brought it to the park. He happened to be the Iowa champion pork chop cooker.

We are looking forward to next years tour and famous Iowa pork chops too !!!!!!!!!!!!


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