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1938 zephyr coupe questions


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I am in the process of purchasing a 1938 Zephyr coupe. The appraiser said it is a 700 series vs. a 720 series. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two and which might have more value, if any? He also said that only around 800 units of the 700 series were built in 1938 , can that be? I have been a pre WWII Packard person for the last few years but have gotten to greatly admire the sleek looks of the '36 through '39 three window coupes. So I gotta have one. Thanks.

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The 720 series is the traditional 3-window 'swoopy' coupe series. At least that was the case for 1937. I would think it's safe to assuem that Lincoln would continue to carry the same series number over to 38. The body tag I beleive will also contain this series number. For example on my 37 I think it reads HB720-xxxxx where xxxxx is the consecutive unibody construction made.

700 series though I'm not sure, but it's likely a coupe-sedan that you can see an example of HERE of all the various styles. In essence, it is a coupe (2 doors) while retaining the sedan features like the back end truck lid design etc. as well as the (then) all important back seat. While produced in smaller numbers than the 3window/2-door coupe (aka "business" coupe), the 720 series has typically gathered a higher dollar at auction and typically continues to be in higher demand.

Both cars are beautiful and highly prized. Best of luck.


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I have the series numbers reversed. I purchased a 720 3-window coupe. I can't believe what people are asking for the 720 but that's OK, I'll be doing the same someday. Thanks for the reply and stay tuned as this lincoln is new to me and I know I'll have a ton of questions.

As a matter of fact, I'll ask one now...What's the shift pattern? I would assume it's the H pattern. But, with the shifter shaft coming out of the side of the vertical console (how weird is that) is the H parallel to the ground like others or something else? Where is reverse? Thanks

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