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Convertible rear window glass ID


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I was about to reply to the 'tan cloth top' thread, but it seems to have 'disappeared'...

Does anyone know the significance of some of the numbers on the rear window glass? For example the window in my (white vinyl) top, which is the original factory-supplied top, has the following on it:





AS2 26 0

DOT-18 M37.5

I know that DOT-18 means that PPG made the glass. But not sure how to decode some of the other numbers - such as AS2. Could the "26 0" mean 26th week of 1990? (Which given that my Reatta was built fairly late in the model year could make sense.)

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Guest Kingsley

Walt - I have an OE top that carries the identical markings with one exception - on the fourth line down, I have "HEATED 4" only, without the preceding "1".

As I have the top only, not the complete car, I cannot help on the build date aspect. I am afraid that FLAPS cannot help with my need for the rest of the car!


'89 Coupe, '90 Coupe

BCA, Reatta Division


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