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Looking for info on a sheet of codes found in the door of my 1958 Olds

Guest RXN

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post-85555-143139205917_thumb.jpg I had to repair my drivers side window on my 1958 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight. when I removed the door panel, I found this piece of paper attached to the door frame, At first thought it was a build sheet, but one fella from another forum suggested it may be a Body by Fisher code sheet. Which it could well be as it is a Body by Fisher car. I'm wondering if anyone can de-code it for me, I'd like to know what it means.

- Thanks


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Guest Woody3

Hello Ryan, I found similar tags placed in the seat springs on my 1960 Buick when removing the seats for new upholstery work. My tags indicated body style and interior trim code ID. I wonder if your tag indicates your '58 Olds ID info??

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