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Help Identify Pressure Plate


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Came from a closed Buick/Pontiac dealer who collected mainly late 30's to early 50's,some 60's Buicks, but also had an early GTO. Was stored in area where he kept parts for his cars only. This part is aftermarket, with no identifying numbers on it. The box has 8187-1 stamped on it, nothing else. Outside daimeter is 12", bolt circle is 11-5/8", and contact surface is 10". Overall depth is 2-1/4".

Anyone have any insight on what it fits?




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No idea of the application, but those 12 spring Borg & Beck style were a bear to push down. I swapped out a diaphragm clutch in a '57 Pontiac for one of those and regretted it. Probably why it has installation marks on it.


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