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Need help identifying some Wagner idler arm bushing kits

Guest Jersey Jalopy

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Guest Jersey Jalopy

I recently aquired a bunch of idler arm bushing kits in Wagner boxes & need help identifying what they fit. The boxes say Wagner Automotive Suspension Products. I didn't know Wagner made suspension & steering parts. I thought they made brake parts. I did a search on the internet & couldn't find any info on Wagner suspension parts.

On a couple of boxes some one hand wrote Moog numbers. Judging by the graphics on the boxes & what I was able to cross reference to the Moog numbers the kits seem to be from the 50's & 60's. The part numbers all start 482- then have another three digit number after the dash. Examples: 482- 507, 482-401A. I have about fifteen different numbers.

If anyone has a old Wagner Suspension catalog or can tell me where I might get one or can cross reference the numbers for me I would appreciate hearing from you. You can E-mail me at Bschring@aol.com


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