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41 Soviet A jeep

Dave Mellor NJ

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Browsing eBay I just found this Gaz jeep. Note the A hood,gas tank and inst panel and the B engine. I'd love to see the chassis and any other possible Ford derived parts. It would be the ultimate vehicle for me as I'm in the A clubs and the MVPA. It's in Armenia and they want 21K plus whatever to ship. Fun to dream.

GAZ 67 1941, Soviet military jeep | eBay

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In 1984, I was visiting the city of Kalinin, USSR. I was walking across a street when I saw what appeared to be a 1932 Ford coming toward me. On closer inspection, I could see that it had GAZ badging on it. I took a picture of it that I still have around here somewhere.

Later on, I read that Ford built a plant in Russia sometime in the early thirties. The plant was owned by the Soviet government. Future UAW President Walter Reuther and his brother Victor worked there as machinists. He wrote about the experience in his autobiography. The cars they built looked like US model Fords except that they were adapted somewhat for the tougher road conditions.

The car that I saw looked like it was just somebody's driver. That region along the Volga was devastated in World War II and I wonder how the car survived. I have never seen or heard of another one. I don't know when they stopped building them but I don't think that they made any after the war.


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