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1965 Riviera Package Tray

Guest RyanC

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Hey guys... Stupid question... But I am getting ready to remove the package tray from my '65 riviera and before I did, I wanted to make sure there weren't any tricks to the trade. Is it as simple as removing the rear seats and going at it or? What is the proper procedure for removing a rear package tray?

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The Body manual I have for my '63 shows four places where the tray is secured. A) the three screws that are visible right under the window. B) Some tabs that are bent over and accessible from underneath, C) a couple of fasteners (screws or push retainers - you can't tell from the illustration) where the speaker is, and D) a screw on each side of the tray where the filler panel is. You'll need to remove the seat back to remove the filler panels. You'll need to remove the seat bottom to remove the seat back. Etc. Etc. Let us know how it all works out.


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