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Is it OK to Drive Car with No Generator Installed??


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My 27 Packard generator may not be back from overhaul in time for an upcoming show. I am contemplating driving the car sparingly on the battery from its trailer to the park spot and back when the show is completed, perhaps 1 mile total. I can cover the generator hole with gasket material to stop oil slop. Any advice is appreciated. Steve

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I am not a Packard expert and if I am wrong, PLEASE, someone set me straight!

Is the Packard's generator is chain driven?

If so, with the generator out of the car you can not even turn the engine over with a crank with out messing up the timing and valves.

On my chain driven generator, you will have to take the front cover off to reset the timing.

This includes removing the headlights & radiator before you get to the cover.

Not a small job.

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I too am not a Packard expert even though I work on a lot of these generators. Hopefully another Packard owner will chime in as well. But, my understanding is that as long as you left the the generator drive gear in place and the brass generator mounting plate in place and bolted secure, you should be able to drive the car. I believe the gear is supported by the brass plate and would not require the generator to be kept in place. As I mentioned before, I'm not an expert on the car end, only on the generator end. Hopefully a Packard guy will tune in soon. If not, stop over to the packardinfo.com site. Let me know if you need any help with the repair of your generator.


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